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"Came here to see a t-shirt get wet, throughly disappointed."
Now I know that I will most likely not buy from Adventure in wellies anymore, unless they wet a t-shirt I'm really interested in. I know that their focus is on the boots, which I am comprehensive of, but as a t-shirt enthusiast only, I was expecting at least some extra scenes from the trailer, but there were none. Nothing more was added to what was in the trailer. Which is ridiculous because of the obvious long-time jump cuts in the movie. There must have been at least five extra minutes of footage recorded that I would have been interested in, but all of that ended up being cut. Which is one of the reasons I hate cuts in any wetlook set. All around a missed opportunity. Yobar, 1/27/17
This has to be my favorite clip from Adventures in Wellies. Karina is adorable with a great smile and lots of energy. Beyond cute in her ski suit. And unlike some of the other sets these folks produce, this one has really good full-body muddy coverage (her hair stays clean though.)

I hope this clothing/mud/coverage direction continues and really hope Karina makes a return in future clips. bryce, 12/13/15
If you like rain boots this is not for you.Does not focus on the boots and the model lies down and gets them off instead of first time flooding and let us watch. :-(

And why do you cut the best scenes?

When christening her boots, there is hard editing and suddenly she does not wear anything. phi96did, 10/31/15
"Good video idea, edited badly"
The editing is a nightmare. You don't see her flood her boots--there is a cut. You see her walking in the mud with clean boots--cut. The moment she is helpless stuck--cut. phi96did, 10/31/15
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